Make Beef jerky in 5 easy steps.
Make Beef jerky in 5 easy steps.
Free jerky recipes are included with purchase.


1.  Slice the meat.  You may use beef, venison (deer), elk or turkey meat.  Slightly freezing the meat will make cutting the meat easier.   Slices should be no more than  1/4" thick and 1" to 1 1/4" wide for best results.  The thinner the slices, the shorter the cooking time.

 The Oven Jerky Maker kit comes with with 6 beef jerky recipes.



2.  Marinate the meat slices for 6 hours in the refrigerator in your  favorite jerky recipe.  Six free recipes are include in the Jerky Maker Kit.   Marinating in a high sodium content marinade will draw out the moisture and blood in the meat.

Unfold the Oven Jerky Maker and place on a cookie sheet.






3.  Place the meat slices on the skewer.  Leave approximately 1/2" between the slices.  Each skewer will hold 8 to 10 slices.  Make certain that the slices do not touch each otherPlace the skewers on the Oven Jerky Maker.  It will hold up to 6 skewers, which are included.

4.  Set the oven temperature to 170 degrees.  The jerky will be  ready in about 5 hours depending on how thick the meat is sliced.   Allow to cool to room temperature.  If the jerky is chalky or brittle, it is dried too long.  If it is too limp, it isn't dried long enough.

If possible, allow jerky to cure for 24 hours after drying- it will taste better.




5.  Eat your jerky.  Following the above directions will yield over a pound of jerky. 

Congratulations!!!  You have stopped paying retail prices for beef jerky, America's favorite low carb food snack.  Jerky is a great snack to take hunting or fishing.  Spell it jerkey or beef jerkey, we're happy you found our site

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