Read what people are saying about making jerky at home in their oven


"I paid $129.00 for my dehydrator.  The trays don't fit in my dishwasher and it takes up too much room in my cabinet.  Cleaning it up is a nightmare, and it takes 12 hours to make jerky.  I tasted some jerky made with the OVEN JERKY MAKER and couldn't believe it was made in the oven .  So, I bought one.  I am able to make as much jerky at a time with this oven jerky maker  as with my $129.00 dehydrator and it tastes every bit as good.  And guess what, it folds up and fits in my dishwasher and my cabinet.  I just wish I had known about theOVEN JERKY MAKER before I bought my huge dehydrator".    

                                                         Dane H. - restaurant manager


"Great marinades - this stuff is good.  The OVEN JERKY MAKER works great!   I never use my dehyrator any more.  It is too hard to clean up.  I just put the oven rack in the dishwasher and I am done." 

                                                                                                  Angie B.


"What a neat idea!  I can now make jerky at home and it tastes much better than the commercial jerky which has the added preservatives and chemicals.   Great product, great idea."

                                                                                                  Chris S.


"I never did like the store bought jerkys.  A friend of mine brought  some jerky he made on the OVEN JERKY MAKER with him to the ball game.  He told me he made the jerky at home in his oven.  I took a piece and ate it and loved it.  The jerky did not taste like the store bought jerky at all, it was much better.  I bought my wife one and some marinades so she could make jerky for me."

                                                                  Mark L. - Furniture maker


"Nothing smells better than jerky drying in the oven.  The marinades have a wonderful aroma.  I put the rack in the oven and set the timer when I go to bed.  When I wake up, I have over a pound of jerky and my house smells great.  I remove the jerky from the skewers; put the rack and the skewers in the dishwasher and I am done!"

                                                         Bonnie M. - Fashion Consultant